Month: April 2011

Tiny Houses and the crap that goes with them

When you make the decision to abandon the traditional sticks and bricks method of Americana living decision become much more difficult and less tested than you can even believe. Between how to get a certificate of occupancy to...

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Tiny House as a modular dwelling

My first true introduction to modular homes came (by no coincidence, I am now sure) by Farmers’ Almanac TV. Just about four years ago they introduced a short film about the Katrina Cottage. The Katrina Cottage was designed...

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Creating the Minimalist Medicine Cabinet

After we are asked “are you a minimalist” it is usually followed with “what is a minimalist” which then turns into “so why don’t you like stuff?” So to answer…. No, we are not...

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Why choose to live in a tiny house

The grass is always greener on the other side. Think about it for a moment. Some may call it a truth. Some, a proverb. Some may have it over their desk on a calendar or tucked into their wallet for regular reading. For some it...

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