Month: March 2011

Tiny House Update – 03.24.11

It’s very easy to forget that the r(E)volution is truly focused around building a tiny house. With life zooming by at 100mph thins comes up, topics surface, and lessons are learned. Many weeks come and go and I find myself...

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How-To decorate your tiny house

Americans spent $343 billion on home enhancement, according to a 2009 study by the Barnard Retail Consulting Group of Upper Montclair, N.J. Some of the more obvious trends to this spending spree is People are changing their...

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Whispering Chickens and Big Bad John

Yesterday was a day full of firsts for me. It all began when I woke up in the morning and found out that one of the schools I work with (Miller-Motte College in Madison, TN) and who has a fantastic renewable energy program is...

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Tiny House and their role in disaster relief

Since early 2002 when I was serving a small church as Minister to Students I have had a heart for disaster relief. While I have never personally experienced a huge disaster I have lived through 6 hurricanes, 1 tornado, 2...

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