Before I began to write this post I kept hearing in my head, “Where in the world are those Tiny r(E)volution people?” But due to my sitcom-induced and afternoon special infused upbringing I heard that magical group Rockapella singing it instead.

I have been more or less absent from Twitter, Facebook, HOMEGROWN, the Tiny House Forum, and a few other places I am usually beating about. Sure I have had some pretty cool guest blog posts this week (here and here) as well as my weekly Farmers’ Almanac posts, in addition to fleshing out a new site for an awesome new film project, working my day job, and continuing to keep the Tiny r(E)volution fires burning (literally….that’s right, more dead and diseased trees were fallen and burned this week), but I just haven’t been all that communicative or even present.

It all started last weekend when Crystal and I prepared to go run a few errands only to find that our 21-year old Ford Ranger (somewhat visible here) – appropriately named Trusty Rusty – had a rear tire that was locked up. While one would spin with all of its might the other kept us from moving as it sat motionless; seemingly dead. We borrowed a vehicle and finished our errands. But as the next day came my brother-in-law took to tracking down the issue. We chased the problem from the brake shoes to the wheel cylinder to the hydraulic pump, to the emergency brake line and on to the actual pedal with little to no success. I began researching the master cylinder and its overall function. I solicited ideas and suggestions. I made some calls. But what the incident really did was assure Crystal and I that we had better seriously begin searching for a “new” vehicle. Due to past discussions we knew we wanted something a year or two old. We knew we wanted room for four, some cargo space, fuel efficiency, and a bit of a sporty look. Neither of us was ready to move right into wagon territory.

For over a year now we have been toying with the notion of a Subaru of some sort as we like their look, their roominess, their safety features, and their altogether vibe. But after doing practical research we felt they were a bit too expensive for us right now. In our efforts to become consumer debt free and stay that way we felt like we should spend no more than $12,000 including the tax, tags, and title. This would give us manageable monthly payments for only 4 years. We also knew we wanted a payment option that would allow us to pay more each month if we elected to without any penalties and with the extra going only to the principle. In a matter of two days we had secured our financing and were off to Raleigh, NC to see what we felt was a solid vehicle choice for us. Suffice to say, by Tuesday night we were the owners of a 2007 Dodge Caliber in silver. It is beautiful and really does appeal to our entire desirous list. Granted we would rather NOT have a car and deal with fuel prices and insurance and monthly overhead, that is not a realistic option for a hobby farming couple that lives in rural eastern Carolina. It just isn’t. This doesn’t mean our bikes won’t still be an around-town mode of transportation for us. It simply means we can now safely take the open road when we need to. (not to mention carry up to 3 bales of hay and 1 bag of feed!)

Wednesday found us on the road to Georgia where we surprised my folks by “showing up for dinner” and to show them the new ride. They were super excited for us and we got to spend a couple of days with them just unwinding from a whirlwind few days.

Which brings us to today. (and the ending of this post subsequently). Today is our wedding anniversary. We have nothing special planned. We spent time Saturday night at an undisclosed location; just the two of us. This year has been amazing for us already and we are anxious for the upcoming months. So many transitions. So many adventures. We’re glad you’re walking many of these trails with us. One couple does not a Tiny r(E)volution make!