As a reader of the Farmers’ Almanac I am pretty familiar with the fact that this winter is going to be wetter (check), colder (check), and more miserable (check. CHECK) than the past few winters. And I would be remiss not to say it hasn’t been on my mind lately as to how to deal with the winter doldrums or boredom or cabin fever or whatever name you choose when living in a Tiny House. And while we currently live in the Bungalow (a small shed conversion that is our home until Tiny House is built) we have figured out several ways to keep it together (our minds and our marriage, mind you) without going crazy. Perhaps some of these tips will help you make it to the crispness of an unfolding spring!

Have an indoor campout! Who doesn’t love the sound of a crackling fire and the hoots of late night owls lulling you to sleep? If you’re lucky enough to have an indoor fireplace (or even a propane log set) they not have a bit of a camp experience? All it takes are a few sleeping bags, some weenies and buns, and a good ghost story or two! Turning out the lights are optional but when combined with this soundtrack, the dark skies of your living room may just be the staycation you’ve been searching for. Hint: Even if you don’t have a fireplace playing this classic video on the laptop will lend to your outdoorsy theme.

Dabble in some Scrabble. We love a good board game and with something like Scrabble no two games are alike. Not only is the game fun but it is educational, creative (at least my words are!), and time-consuming. Maybe you want to spice things up. Choose a theme and make it a rule that all words must relate to that theme. Play it backwards wherein all words have to be spelled backwards. However you play, Scrabble is a classic and one the whole family can enjoy.

Get Physical. You don’t need expensive equipment or fancy clothes or even the smell of foul sweat to get a good indoor workout. In fact, here are 10 ways you can get fit with no gym equipment. A good workout increases endorphins making your body feel better and your mind work quicker. It is also proven that a solid workout can increase your mood, ease stress, help with your sleeping, fight cramps and sore muscles, and help you gain a more positive self-image. NOTE: If you have a TV there are a number of new technologies to help you with your fitness goals including the Wii FitPlus (of which we don’t own but often talk about.)

Potluck Party. If you are going stir crazy chances are your friends and even family members are too. So why not host a potluck? Sure a Tiny House is not the ideal place for 10 of your closest friends. But perhaps another of your friends has a larger space they can donate (in exchange for NOT having to prepare a dish). To add to the fun, pick a theme that includes a themed dish, a costume, a soundtrack, and even some light decorations. A potluck is a great way to have a great meal without a lot of preparation or responsibility.

Meet the Challenge. Have you seen the AFI 100? No, really. All 100 of them? Have you read the Top 25 banned books? What about reading the Bible cover to cover? A great way to pass time, keep your mind sharp, and gain some insight is to challenge yourself to do something you have always wanted to do and…well, just do it! It’s very easy to feel ambivalent during the cold months and to even get a bit depressed. But this particular strategy isn’t so much about the product as it is the process. Set a goal and work towards it until you finish it. Who knows? It may become a beloved hobby or pastime that you find yourself anticipating every late-summer!

What about you? Do you have any ways you beat the winter BLAH’s in your small space or Tiny House? We’d love to hear from you. And if you want to spread the word you can do so by sharing on Facebook or Tweeting out the link. Stay happy. Stay healthy!