As stated in my introductory post, the S&D family is not a hoarding one by any means. We do however, lose track of the things we use most daily which is – most specifically – the clothing in our closet.

The Scissors & Drumsticks closet is a shared walk-in type, complete with a wire shelving system on both sides. Scissors has one side and I have the other. Not much is housed in said closet beyond clothing and shoes. I have a professional occupation which requires dress casual in the office. I also have jeans and t-shirts along with my “knock around clothes” which are usually faded and expired garb from my collection of the “good stuff.”

A few months back I was in our closet digging through the three small racks looking for a certain shirt to wear. To my own demise it could not be found. I stood there looking at the amount of hangered shirts, slacks, khakis, and jeans freshly sifted through and realized something special. I was staring at a large amount of clothing I haven’t worn in years. Yes, your eyes read it right….YEARS!

A pondering minute or two passed before I immediately started grabbing, de-hangering, and tossing everything I haven’t worn in the past two months into a pile on the floor of our bedroom. It wasn’t unitl I stepped out of the closet did I see the heaping wrath of destruction, waste, and….drum roll please………..the shirt I was looking for! HA! Needless to say the shirt stayed in the pile. Scissors was at the grocery while this all took place. When she got home she came into the bedroom, saw what I was doing, engaged me in a brief discussion, and headed to the closet herself. By the time she was done another compost heap sized pile of no longer in-use clothing and shoes lay in the middle of the room.

We even went through our kids’ closets. We didn’t find as much in their closets as ours simply for the fact they are still growing and clothing purchases and swap outs for them are more prevalent. The cool thing is they didn’t bat an eye at losing some of their stuff. They were more than willing to do so than we were.

As we were bagging all the useless garb from our pasts we were holding certain items up in front of ourselves saying, “Remember this? Does this still look good on me?” It was a great time nonetheless. After bagging, we dragged the cotton and polyester laden bags down the stairs, plopped them into the garage and stared for a minute. Hmm…. What to do with these things? Yard sale? Nah. Let friends and family members tear through them? Nah.

We decided to donate them to our local Salvation Army thrift store here in Virginia Beach. Many folks shop there for the fact that it is affordable. No matter the budget constraints or frutility, there’s something there for everyone. The greatest benefit of donating all of our used wares is that the funds from these types of organizations go to many projects like disaster relief, youth camps, elderly services, drug and alchohol rehabilitation, and the most notable Christmas Charity.

Lessons Learned:

  • We were still having to take care of the items we no longer used
  • Time and energy was wasted while looking for specific garments
  • Wasted money on hanger purchases
  • Held onto items others could have used
  • Most folks don’t notice us repeatedly wearing the same item (and if they do? Psh!)
  • New found appreciation for the items we kept

Tips for cleaning out your closet:

  • Get rid of items you haven’t used in the past month or two
  • Reorganize and prioritize
  • Make it a family event
  • Weigh the needs and wants
  • What and how much do you really need?
  • Wear articles more than once
  • Donation your used wares to a local charity….and leave the tax deduction receipt behind.

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Tune in next Tuesday January 25, for my post “Squeeze a Buck Lately?”