Perhaps one of the most intriguing things about the Interwebs is the people you meet. Or in this case….re-meet. I passed a number of nameless faces during my time at Granby High School in Norfolk, VA. I was a rather happy guy so I was at least on “wassup” terms with a number of people. I call those headnod relationships. One such relationship that I can remember is between myself and Kevin Gilkes. We never really had much in common and best I can remember, ran in very different circles. But we had a headnod thing and in high school that is pretty much, as good as it needs to get!

Imagine then my surprise when strolling through the halls of the Interweb I came across Kevin again – this time as 1/2 of the blogging duo scissorsanddrumsticks. Now I am not sure if I first saw him on Facebook and then went to his blog or if he commented on mine and I followed through. Whatever the case may be, we have hit it off in a way adolescents never quite do and I consider Kevin one of my very closest partners-in-crime. He is a fellow gonzo gardener and along with his wife Nadine (hereforeto referred as scissors) is working hard at turning his landlocked home into an urban homestead and raising his kids up with an appreciation of mother earth and the nature within.

A fantastic drummer and an equally fantastic cook, Kevin is also a husband, a father, an electrician, a humanitarian, a documentarian, and a friend. I am pleased to announce him as the r(E)volutions first regular, guest blogger. Starting tomorrow he’ll be writing once a week about
scaling back on a family-sized level!