Month: January 2011

Reduce. Reuse. Re’coop’

Back in early May 2009 Crystal and my daddy and I wrapped up work on our first chicken coop. I had been wanting to raise chickens for some time and it seemed like the time was right. Now folks with a minimalist mindset are...

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How-To Choose Windows For Your Tiny House

There is no simple way to go about the task of selecting windows for your new Tiny House construct. By the time choosing them comes around you will have heard multiple times that the key to making a smaller space look larger is...

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Another Man’s Revolution-Squeeze a Buck Lately?

There’s nothing tiny when it comes to our family. There are two adults and three children in our home along with two dogs. Being the sole monetary provider for our family a good amount of stress is added when needing to pay the...

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How-To Read Window Ratings

There is a certain amount of anxiety that takes hold when walking through a store like Home Depot or Lowe’s. First there is the notion that perhaps by even purchasing something there you are forsaking your eco-friendly,...

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How-To Defeat Epicurious Clutter

As we spend more and more time working out details on Tiny House we tend to find reason after reason for needing full-size appliances, storage room, pantry space……… Okay. Confession time. I have temporarily...

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