Month: December 2010

Project 333 – Phase 2

I joined Courtney Carver‘s Project 333 back on October 10, 2010 reflecting back on my love affair with fashion, my abuse of conspicuous consumption, my time spent in Paris and photographing multiple runway shows, and my...

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5 Steps to Ease the Panic of the New Year

By now there is little doubt that I see a direct parallel with Tiny House living and minimalism. It isn’t that the two are synonymous or even have to be related. But with Crystal and I the progression from one to the other...

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How to live in a Tiny House

Living in a house smaller than most of America’s walk-in closets may not be for everyone, but those who are able to do so reap many benefits for themselves and for the world around them. I have tried to come up with some...

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Tiny House Update – 12.23.10

There is nothing quite so frustrating as rain. Yes, cold weather is a beast but at least you can freely move about and function out of doors even when it is cold. Rain on the other hand typically debilitates and causes a great...

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