One of the things I love about the Internet and all things “nettie” is the friends I meet and the people I come into contact with. One such person is Naomi Seldin. A features content editor and blogger for the Times Union in Albany, NY, Naomi is also a blogger of two years and a très chic femme. Her blog, Simpler Living, is a fine example of how to live well with less. I bring her to your attention today because Naomi recently wrote a wonderful piece as well as a Q&A with Courtney Carver of bemorewithless. Carver is the founder of Project 333 and what I call my Fairy Minimalmother.

Below is an excerpt from the article and the link to the full spread.


Could you make it through three months with a 33-piece wardrobe?

Your average fashionista would probably say no, but that’s exactly what Utah resident Courtney Carver has inspired hundreds of people to do. Her new minimalist fashion challenge, Project 333, aims to encourage people to step off the shopping treadmill and redefine how much is enough when it comes to clothing.

Carver’s “fashion fast” was born on Be More With Less, her blog. Like Joshua Becker, she stresses that parents can be minimalists, too.

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