Month: November 2010

Less is more for fashion minimalists: A view inside Project 333

One of the things I love about the Internet and all things “nettie” is the friends I meet and the people I come into contact with. One such person is Naomi Seldin. A features content editor and blogger for the Times Union in Albany, NY, Naomi is also a blogger of two years and a très chic femme. Her blog, Simpler Living, is a fine example of how to live well with less. I bring her to your attention today because Naomi recently wrote a wonderful piece as well as a Q&A with Courtney Carver of bemorewithless. Carver is the founder of Project 333 and what I call my Fairy Minimalmother. Below is an excerpt from the article and the link to the full spread. ———————————————– Could you make it through three months with a 33-piece wardrobe? Your average fashionista would probably say no, but that’s exactly what Utah resident Courtney Carver has inspired hundreds of people to do. Her new minimalist fashion challenge, Project 333, aims to encourage people to step off the shopping treadmill and redefine how much is enough when it comes to clothing. Carver’s “fashion fast” was born on Be More With Less, her blog. Like Joshua Becker, she stresses that parents can be minimalists, too. ….read the rest of the article...

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How to share your Tiny House with a friend or spouse

Having lived in ‘the Bungalow’ now for nearly three weeks we have found that tiny living is an exercise in patience, understanding, balance, love, and friendship. We are both quite sure there are many more lessons to be learned but we have figured out a few things already. Some days just making it through the day is a task all its own. It is quite difficult to have private moments or quiet times or even just moments in the peace of solitude in a small space. It requires adjustment in order to survice and mapping out some minor adjustments for both you and your partner will less the stress of too much closeness! The biggest thing to remember when opting for a Tiny House is that beyond the adventures of planning and building is a lifetime of living. You can’t simply move or relocate from one another. Remember, this is your partner we are talking about. It is not unheard of for closeness and time together to be the causes of emotional separation. Consider these points though as conversations to be had and lessons to be learned prior to driving even the first nail in your tiny space! Have Your Own Space Have your own small space where you can do your own work in your home. I am not referring to the place you call your “office” or...

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5 Ways to Have a Minimalist Thanksgiving

In just one week we will all be preparing to tie on our feed sacks and gather round the family table in recognition of the first meal shared between Indians and Pilgrims and blah, blah, blah. Truth be told, Thanksgiving has become, for many of us, an obligatory meal (and entire day) wherein we gorge ourselves on foods we may not necessarily like from farms and factories we know nothing about. We spend money we don’t have traveling to a location where we can gather with our loved ones for a day that movies seem to be made of. And while Crystal and I will be joining my extended family in Virginia for the Thanksgiving holiday, the word for me this year is frugality. My family, like others, has suffered the past two years with layoffs, closing our small businesses, racking up debt, and we no longer have the finances to celebrate with a 40 lb. bird (which disgusts me at any rate), fine bottles of wine, and deserts rich with mousse. So how then do we apply “frugality” with Thanksgiving? And while I can’t say how everyone celebrates their holiday, I can assume most families have a very traditional American Thanksgiving: football, parades, and a turkey dinner. How then can we reign in the spending and busy pace of the holiday? 1. Stay at home The most memorable...

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Project 333 – Week 6 redux

Today I felt completely uninspired to get out of bed, much less get dressed. And even with just 33 items of clothing I felt like it was a chore to sort through what I should wear today. The temperature outside is currently an alarming 39ºF. Not exactly a tropical ‘good morning.’ So I chose to take a quick shower and put on my PJ pants (which I have yet to actually wear to bed), a comfy fruit ‘o the loom, and my slippers. Talk about comfortable. Now that we have moved in to The Bungalow full time we are facing the domestic tasks that must be done. We MUST get groceries in the fridge. We MUST do some laundry. We MUST get a task light. Part of why I wore PJs today is because we are at the end of our clean laundry (despite wearing most things 2 days before washing) and when participating in something like Project 333 you have to plan ahead to some degree. In terms of garment maintenance Project 333 has made life easier on laundry (only 2 full loads total), eliminated ironing (I haven’t had to wear my khakis yet) and forced me to keep my boots free of mud and other gunk that prematurely ages them. I also had my first non-Project 333 person ask me about the project and why I was...

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How our Tiny House became our Enormous Dream

Originally written for my weekly Thursday post on ——————————— Back in 2009 Crystal and I saw a small house in Barnesville, GA that we thought would be perfect for us. It seemed like a bit of a bungalow with 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a lovely back porch. The purchase price was a reduced $89,000 at the time but we knew it would require almost $12k worth of reno almost immediately. The siding was asbestos, the floors were sagging, and the sheetrock had mold in one place. We knew it would require work but at the time we were ready for the challenge. We were able to secure financing and were one step from making an offer on the property when Crystal realized that if we went through with it we would again be living paycheck to paycheck and then some. We were about to make the biggest mistake Americans make. We were going to “marry” a home and be one of the house poor, over-worked, under-paid, Americans we hear so much about these days. So we did not! We closed our checkbook and walked the other way. What happened then became a journey of discovery, contemplation, and dreaming. It seemed that every two months or so a living situation would appear to us and we would fall into it. What we failed to realize...

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