As most, I was first made aware of the Tiny House movement by the work of Jay Shafer and his Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. If I am not mistaken I saw a short interview featuring Jay on the Oprah Winfrey show or something. No, I am not a regular Oprah fan. I am not sure why I was watching that day. Call it kismet, if you will.

The tide really changed for me though and I decided it was time to build an ark (I do enjoy a good extended metaphor) when I came across Jenine Alexander and her Forge Ahead tiny trailer home project(s).

Currently living in Healdsburg, California, Jenine just completed working on a second trailer home tiny house with the help of craftswoman Amy Hutto. She lives in the first trailer tiny house she built (which can best be described as a cross between hippy chic and The BoxCar Children) and now runs Forge Ahead Construction.

When watching the video of Jenine and her first tiny house you get the feeling that it takes a special free-spirit to live in such a close quartered environment and that one couldn’t possibly turn out architecturally, visually, and environmentally stunning. Not so. The second house features bamboo flooring, pine ceilings, denim-cotton insulation, high energy efficiency doors and windows, a sleeping loft, and a kitchenette with granite countertops. All in 128 sq. ft!

The house recently sold (August 2010) for $25k. There is a market and it is alive and well. I would love to hear from the new owners as to why they were drawn to the home and what their intention is for it now.

What about you? Are you more drawn to designing and building a tiny house yourself or are you open to buying one already made?

Photo © Nicolas Boullosa